If You Are Buying a Home We Will:

Our Mission is to Help, Serve, and be Loyal to You!

We will negotiate, advise, and oversee even the smallest details for you.

If You Are Buying or Selling We Will:

- Be accessible to you (try me now, We will answer the phone) Call or Text 585-704-8324

- Keep you "in the loop" Communication is Key I will inform you every step of the way.

- Handle your transaction professionally. This is one of the largest investments you can make.

- Be there "after the sale".  We plan on selling real estate for another 35 years.

If You Are Buying We Will:

- Help you obtain the necessary Bank Pre-Approval you need to start looking for a home.

- Discuss your housing needs. Create a list of features for your perfect house.

- Actively search for homes for your review.

- Show you homes at a time convenient for you.

- Dan is accessible to use his Home Inspection training and experience as a "Tool" for determining condition of a home you want to write a purchase offer on.

- Dan is accessible to use his Appraiser Training to help you determine the best price to write your purchase offer for.

- Use the Negotiation Skills we continuously practice to get you the BEST DEAL POSSIBLE.

- Assist you with negotiating the repair items uncovered during the home inspection.

- Guide you through the steps necessary to get mortgage commitment.

- Perform a "Pre-Closing Walk Through" with you and show you how to read your utilities.

- Guide you to closing, answer any final questions.

- Be the first to congratulate you on the purchase of YOUR NEW HOME :-)